Grow your own indoor mushroom!

With the Reishi Growkit from Mushroomfruit

How it works

grown reishi in bag sprouted outwards on warm-colored background

The Reishi mushroom grows through the substrate package.

The substrate consists of water, sawdust, wheat grain and gypsum.

After some time, the Reishi mushroom will grow out at the top.

This process goes automatically, without the need to open the package.

The Reishi fruiting body will continue to grow for multiple months.

This is a beautiful process during which the mushroom will have many colors.

After a few months, the mushroom can be harvested

Harvested Reishi mushrooms can be used to make medicinal tea.

Consuming Reishi

How to prepare

To get the most out of Reishi's bio-active compounds, check out the complete guide on how to harvest and process the Reishi fruiting body into a medicinal tea.

Benefits to health

The Reishi fruiting body contains a wealth of bio-active compounds, that can have a direct effect on all sorts of health factors in the human body. These include polysaccharides such as β-glucans, triterpenoids such as ganoderic acids, and glycoproteins such as Ling Zhi-8.